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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Handling and recycling of accumulators and batteries in municipalities

Safe handling & environmentally sound recycling of lithium-ion batteries in municipalities

Municipal facilities also face the challenge of complying with legal requirements for the safe handling of lithium-ion batteries while protecting people and the environment.

The safe logistics and disposal solution for lithium-ion batteries in municipal facilities

Large quantities of lithium-ion batteries accumulate in municipalities, especially during waste disposal, e. g. at the recycling center.
However, lithium-ion batteries are also omnipresent in other municipal facilities, e. g. in electric toys in the kindergarten, electric wheelchairs in retirement homes, or e-bikes brought along to event halls.

The all-in-one solution for safe handling of lithium-ion batteries in container supply & rental

From safe storage to legally compliant transport to proper disposal of lithium-ion batteries of all conditions - with RETRON you have the optimal solution and specialists at your side.

Individual concepts

We develop individual safety concepts around the logistics of your lithium-ion batteries and offer training for safe handling in your company.

Container supply & rental

Our container system offers our customers maximum flexibility and the highest safety class - a system full of advantages from which you will also benefit.

Transport & Disposal

We take care of the safe transport and environmentally friendly disposal of lithium-ion batteries of all conditions.

From battery safety containers and fire protection concepts to the environmentally friendly disposal of lithium batteries in your community - we make it easy for you.

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Challenges in dealing with lithium-ion batteries in municipalities

The safe handling of lithium batteries poses various challenges for municipal facilities such as schools, recycling centers or community centers, starting with the implementation of appropriate safety precautions and the training of personnel to the disposal of lithium-ion batteries in accordance with legal regulations.

Safety precautions and education

Despite the widespread use of lithium batteries, there is often a lack of knowledge about the potential dangers and proper handling of the batteries. Unknowingly damaged or defective batteries can pose a high safety risk, as they can catch fire or even explode unexpectedly.
It is therefore essential that appropriate measures are taken in municipal facilities such as kindergartens, retirement homes or community centers to ensure the safe handling of batteries.

Frequent fires at recycling centers

An increasing problem in municipalities are fires at recycling centers caused by improperly disposed or damaged lithium batteries. Our battery safety containers, with their fireproof construction and special insulation, provide a safe place to store damaged or discarded lithium batteries.

Complexity of disposal

Lithium batteries contain hazardous chemicals and must be disposed of properly to prevent environmental damage. Proper disposal requires specific knowledge of battery types, segregation of materials, and regulatory compliance. For many municipalities, this presents a challenge, as they may not have sufficient resources and expertise.

“RETRON BOXES have ensured the safe handling of tablets, power banks and even e-scooters in our school. The lithium batteries are now all safely stored in the boxes and damaged batteries are collected by RETRON experts and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner."

- Principal, of a secondary school

Recycling center with safe disposal option for lithium batteries: application example

Municipalities are obliged to provide municipal collection points for battery-operated electrical appliances and lithium-ion batteries. In order to comply with all legal requirements for protection against battery fires, a comprehensive storage and disposal concept for lithium-ion batteries is required.

The solution: Our large containers for lithium-ion batteries are set up at the central recycling center, in which rechargeable batteries can be safely disposed of by citizens. This ensures safe storage, even in the case of unknowingly damaged or defective batteries. In addition, the modular design of the RETRON container system enables a flexible adaptation to the respective requirements and capacities at recycling centers in mobile hazardous waste collection. Extremely simple and extremely safe with RETRON.

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Storage of lithium-ion batteries

Safely charge, store and transport lithium batteries in municipal facilities with our RETRON BOX.

Our battery protection box RETRON BOX is the ideal preventive fire protection from battery fires in e.g. schools or retirement homes - easy handling guaranteed.

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We provide comprehensive support to municipalities in the disposal of lithium batteries and mobile hazardous waste collection.

We support municipalities in the disposal of lithium batteries and the mobile hazardous waste collection. Our experienced teams provide customized legally compliant solutions to ensure the safe handling of lithium batteries and enable environmentally sound disposal. From the provision of special safety containers to logistics and professional collection, we are at your side. Our experts will also be happy to advise you on the legal requirements and support you in the preparation of pollutant concepts.

Disposal of lithium-ion batteries

We provide in various municipal facilities the highest safety class and environmentally friendly disposal of lithium-ion batteries.

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Battery safety boxes: The UN-certified RETRON containers

Our containers for lithium-ion batteries offer practical handling with maximum safety and are therefore the ideal solution for a wide range of municipal facilities, such as schools, retirement homes or recycling centers.



Small, fireproof battery safety box RETRON-Box


Battery safety box RETRON 240


Battery safety box RETRON 460


Battery safety box RETRON 600


Container for lithium-ion batteries and hybrid batteries RETRON 750


Lithium battery container for e-car batteries RETRON 3000


Lithium battery container for e-car batteries RETRON 4000

Are you a retailer and affected by the obligation to take back defective electrical equipment? Then RETRON is the right partner for you!

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Other industries benefitting from our lithium battery containers

Discover all the applications of our containers for lithium-ion batteries in various industries.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in industry


Safe storage, transport and disposal of lithium-ion batteries in industry.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in trade and industry


Safe storage, transport and disposal of rechargeable batteries in the trade.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in the private sector

Private sector

Safe storage, safe charging and disposal of lithium batteries in your home.

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