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Dispose of lithium-ion batteries safely and in an environmentally friendly manner with RETRON

Lithium-ion battery disposal - environmentally friendly and safe with RETRON

Our tightly-knit network within the REMONDIS Group takes care of the professional disposal of lithium-ion batteries and ensures legally compliant transport in accordance with ADR.

We are Germany's largest disposal specialist for lithium-ion batteries and rechargeable batteries and batteries

There is a legal obligation to return and take back both rechargeable accumulators and batteries. This means that consumers as well as manufacturers and public waste management authorities are responsible. We at RETRON have extensive experience in the disposal of batteries and accumulators for public authorities, trade, industry as well as for private users and can draw on a strong network within the REMONDIS Group.

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Trust RETRON for all your lithium-ion battery needs

Comprehensive service

We not only take care of the disposal of lithium batteries in any area, but also of all formalities in connection with the disposal service for our business customers.

Cost efficiency

Benefit from the efficiency advantages of our comprehensive facility network with the REMONDIS Group and receive a first-class solution for your challenge.

Fast processing

With just a few clicks you can go from needs assessment to the preparation of a quotation. We offer you a fast and uncomplicated solution for your requirements.

The ideal solution for small quantities of hazardous waste

If lithium-ion batteries or other hazardous waste are produced in small quantities, you can combine disposal with our partner within the REMONDIS Group.

Legally compliant, environmentally friendly and very convenient: MIXX-TOUR is the simple service solution. From the collection of hazardous materials in small quantities to ADR compliant transport and subsequent disposal in modern hazardous waste treatment facilities, you are
always well supported by our MIXX-TOUR partner.


Lithium-ion battery disposal:
commercial customers

Private households can return defective batteries and rechargeable batteries to traders for example through dealers and workshops. However, this does not mean that the batteries are finally disposed of.

To ensure that these rechargeable batteries and batteries can be disposed of properly, RETRON, together with REMONDIS, offers the complete, professional and legally compliant disposal of batteries and accumulators in trade, industry and municipalities.

Our battery safety containers for the different requirements in the business - whether specialized trade, automobile manufacturer, or recycling center.

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How can I dispose of lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries can also be disposed of via retailers or municipal recycling centers. In some cases there are separate containers for this purpose, in others the company sorts them afterwards. Permanently installed lithium-ion batteries are disposed of together with the electrical appliance - either via retailers, recycling centers, or special waste disposal.

Special safety regulations apply to lithium batteries weighing more than 500 g, such as e-bike batteries: They must be secured against short circuits and slipping and transported in special containers.

Collection points

Collection points

Environmentally friendly and legally compliant disposal of lithium batteries is possible via collection points. Many supermarkets, do-it-yourself stores, or electronics stores are obliged to offer their own collection containers for rechargeable accumulators and batteries.
There you can hand in your used rechargeable batteries and devices with lithium-ion batteries and ensure that they are disposed of properly.

Hazardous waste disposal

Hazardous waste disposal

In some regions there are special disposal carriers or mobile collection points, which are regularly organized by the municipality or city. For example the Safety Truck of REMONDIS Industrie Service. Find out more on the websites of your municipality - or contact our waste management specialists at RETRON for a collection and environmentally friendly disposal of your lithium batteries.

“RETRON offers individual solutions, especially for
storage and disposal of lithium-ion batteries in any battery condition."

- Lukas Wiedenmann, Key Account Manager

How can I dispose of e-bike and bicycle batteries?

Batteries from e-bikes (electric bikes, pedelecs) and similar vehicles (e-scooters) are considered industrial batteries. They can also be disposed of via the dealers or workshops where they are sold.

But be careful: When transporting your defective lithium batteries to a disposal point, the battery can ignite at any time. Our RETRON BOX is therefore ideal for safely storing and transporting defective batteries in a fireproof box.

How can I dispose of car batteries?

Classic car batteries from vehicles with internal combustion engines (starter batteries) usually contain large amounts of lead and aggressive acids. For this reason, they must not be disposed of with household waste or released into the environment. The car batteries should be disposed of via the car dealer, or via the recycling centers of the municipalities. When buying a new car battery without handing in a used battery, a deposit is even due to ensure proper disposal.

How can I dispose of electric car batteries?

The batteries of electric cars are particularly dangerous due to the high weight, the voltage and the stored power. Batteries from electric cars are therefore disposed of directly via the workshops which also remove them. In the background, RETRON takes care of the disposal and safe recycling of electric car batteries.

Our fireproof RETRON BOX for the safe transport of damaged batteries - for private households as well as businesses.


How can I dispose of damaged and inflated batteries?

Damaged or bloated batteries pose a hazard. They can self-ignite or explode and should therefore be stored and transported in safe, fireproof containers. They should never be carried in a trouser pocket!

Defective or bloated accumulators can also be returned to a retailer or to a recycling center. However, they should not simply be thrown into the provided bins but should be handed in to the staff. This ensures that the batteries are stored properly and cannot cause a fire. For safety reasons, damaged or bloated batteries must not be returned to a mail order company for safety reasons.

Our specialists will dispose of damaged and critical batteries - no matter in which condition.

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From storage to disposal of accumulators and lithium-ion batteries

From safe storage to proper disposal of rechargeable accumulators and batteries, we at RETRON are your reliable partner.

lithium-ion batteries safely and properly with RETRON containers.


Safe storage for lithium-ion accumulators and batteries.

Transporting lithium-ion batteries safely in RETRON containers


Simple and safe solution for transporting of your lithium-ion batteries.

Fire protection for lithium-ion batteries by RETRON containers

Fire protection

RETRON containers as fire protection solution for your lithium-ion batteries and for the prevention of fire and explosions.

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