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Transport lithium-ion batteries safely and professionally with RETRON and REMONDIS

Transporting lithium-ion batteries: Here's how to do it safely

Rely on our professional solutions and expertise to ensure the maximum safe and hassle-free transport of your lithium-ion batteries.

Safe transport of lithium-ion batteries with RETRON

RETRON will take care of the safe transport of your lithium-ion batteries on request. Our experienced team will ensure that your valuable energy storage devices are properly packaged and transported in compliance with all safety regulations. This has the following benefits for you:

Simple process and clean approach

Faster processing by our professional staff

Proper packaging and transport in compliance with the law

Safe and environmentally friendly disposal

Why the transport of rechargeable batteries is dangerous

The transport of rechargeable batteries involves considerable dangers. Lithium-ion batteries can catch fire due to possible damage or overheating, or even explode. This poses a danger not only to the charge itself, but also to people and the surrounding environment.



Accumulators and batteries store a lot of energy, which can be released in an uncontrolled manner if damaged or overheated. This poses risks such as heat generation, flames and explosions. In the case of larger quantities, the batteries can thermally burn out.

Hard to extinguish

Hard to extinguish

Burning lithium-ion batteries are difficult to extinguish because they release oxygen. A single battery can set cargo and vehicle on fire. Particularly dangerous if flammable substances are being transported in addition to the battery.

Our innovative RETRON BOX provides the highest safety class at any place.

Our compact battery protection box ensures safe charging, storage and transportation of your lithium-ion batteries and smaller electrical devices.

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Transport of defective and bloated batteries

The transport of functioning batteries is already risky, but it becomes really critical with damaged lithium batteries and bloated batteries. Damaged batteries can lead to a short circuit, which generates strong heat. In bloated batteries, the oxygen is usually under high pressure, because the decomposition process has already begun. Both scenarios pose significant hazards.

Damaged or bloated, rechargeable batteries and batteries should therefore only be handled under increased safety precautions - e. g. in a fireproof safety container.

Transport containers for batteries

For the safe storage and transport of lithium-ion batteries, fireproof transport containers are ideal. They reduce the risk of overheating and damage to the batteries, while ensuring that in the event of a battery fire, the remaining load, the transport vehicle and, most importantly, the personnel remain safe.

RETRON offers such transport containers for batteries: From the small RETRON BOX for small lithium-ion batteries in private households to the RETRON 4000 for large lithium batteries in industry - we have the right safety container for every requirement.



Small, fireproof battery safety box RETRON-Box


Battery safety box RETRON 240


Battery safety box RETRON 460


Battery safety box RETRON 600


Container for lithium-ion batteries and hybrid batteries RETRON 750


Lithium battery container for e-car batteries RETRON 3000


Lithium battery container for e-car batteries RETRON 4000

You are looking for a safe transport container for your lithium-ion batteries?

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Your partner for the safe handling of lithium-ion batteries

Our solutions for the safe storage, transport and proper disposal of lithium-ion batteries and accumulators.

Store lithium-ion batteries safely and properly with RETRON containers.


Safe storage option for lithium-ion rechargeable accumulators and batteries.

Dispose of lithium-ion batteries properly


We ensure an environmentally friendly disposal of your batteries according to the regulations.

Fire protection for lithium-ion batteries by RETRON containers

Fire protection

RETRON containers as fire protection solution for your lithium-ion batteries and for the prevention of fire and explosions.

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