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Burning lithium-ion battery

Battery storage and fire protection

Your individual fire protection concept for lithium batteries and devices with lithium-ion batteries.

Fire protection for lithium-ion batteries

In our modern world, fire protection for rechargeable batteries is of great importance. E-car batteries that set entire underground garages on fire, laptop or cell phone batteries that blow up in planes or e-cigarettes that explode in your pocket - these dangers are omnipresent.  We explain here:

  • The background to lithium-ion battery explosions
  • Show how to deal with the situation using fireproof containers for rechargeable batteries
  • Which products pose a fire hazard

You are a company or an institution and need a fire protection concept for lithium batteries?

Tailor-made fire protection solutions for lithium-ion batteries by our experts - for your optimal protection.

Request fire protection concept for lithium batteries

Why fire protection is important for rechargeable batteries

Accumulators and batteries store a lot of energy - that is, after all, their purpose. If this energy is released in a short period of time, fire and even explosions might occur. The main problem for fire protection is posed by the various oxides used in lithium-ion batteries. The oxides can decompose at high temperatures, releasing oxygen, which then burns with other materials, generating even more heat. This self-reinforcing process is called "thermal runaway".

Reasons for a "thermal runaway”

The charging process and unknowingly damaged batteries are particularly dangerous for fire protection. Because then the potential danger of a "thermal runaway" and consequently an explosion of the lithium battery is even higher. This can particularly occur in the following situations due to the following causes:

Mechanical damage

Even invisible damage can lead to a short circuit and thus strong heat development. Therefore, even with minimal external influence, caution is required.

Deep discharge

A deep discharge can lead to bridging and short circuit if the lithium battery has not been charged for a long time.

Unsafe charging

Batteries should be charged in a safe place, preferably in a fireproof box.  We also recommend the use of the manufacturer's charger, in order to avoid exceeding the end-of-charge voltage.

External heat sources

High temperatures can lead to dangerous overheating of the battery, e. g. due to sunlight. Hot surroundings, or improper storage should be avoided.

Responsible recycling and safe disposal of your lithium batteries and accumulators from professionals

To disposal

The RETRON containers for commercial, municipal and industrial use

RETRON offers several fireproof boxes for lithium-ion batteries in different sizes, up to large containers for commercial users. The small RETRON BOX can be used for fireproof storage of all common household accumulators and batteries up to e-bike batteries.

Thanks to the hot-dip galvanized steel construction and a non-flammable insulation layer, the safety containers guarantee fire protection, even when storing multiple lithium-ion batteries in the containers. Thanks to an optional cable gland, each RETRON container is also suitable as a battery charging box.



Small, fireproof battery safety box RETRON-Box


Battery safety box RETRON 240


Battery safety box RETRON 460


Battery safety box RETRON 600


Container for lithium-ion batteries and hybrid batteries RETRON 750


Lithium battery container for e-car batteries RETRON 3000


Lithium battery container for e-car batteries RETRON 4000

For these products a fireproof box is useful

Lithium-ion batteries and other potentially flammable batteries can be found in the following devices, among others:

Camera whose battery can cause a fire.


Smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras

battery-powered lawnmower whose powerful battery can cause a serious battery fire.

Tools & household appliances

Cordless vacuum cleaners, cordless screwdrivers, suction robots, cordless lawn mowers


E-cars, e-bikes, e-scooters, hoverboards, electric wheelchairs

Drone with lithium-ion battery.


E-cigarettes, electric toys, drones, hearing aids, power banks

Our specialists will develop an individual fire protection concept: For truly safe charging, storage and disposal of lithium batteries.

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E-bike battery storage: fire protection

Follow these tips to minimize the fire risk of your e-bike battery or any other lithium-ion battery and ensure safety during storage.

Select a suitable storage location

Store your e-bike battery in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures as these can increase the risk of overheating and possible thermal runaway.

Use fireproof storage facilities

Invest in special fireproof boxes or safety containers designed specifically for the storage of lithium-ion batteries. These offer additional protection from fire and can limit the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a problem.

Watch out for damage

Make sure that your e-bike battery has no external damage. Regularly check the casing for cracks, dents, or leaks. If there are any signs of damage, you should stop using the battery and contact the manufacturer or a specialist to discuss further steps.

From storage to disposal of lithium-ion batteries

Our expertise encompasses all aspects of lithium batteries, from storage in compliance with the highest safety standards to environmentally friendly disposal in accordance with legal requirements.

Store lithium-ion batteries safely and properly with RETRON containers.


Safe storage option for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and batteries.

Transporting lithium-ion batteries safely in RETRON containers


Simple and safe solution for the transport of your lithium-ion batteries.

Dispose of lithium-ion batteries properly


We ensure an environmentally friendly disposal of your batteries according to the regulations

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