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Handling lithium-ion batteries in the private sector

Safely handle e-bike batteries, power tools and other electrical devices with lithium batteries in your home.

Charge, store and transport your lithium batteries or devices with lithium-ion batteries safely and protect yourself from battery fires.

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Our fireproof box for e-bike batteries and other electronic devices with lithium batteries

Consisting of steel, secured via a lever lock system on both sides and
equipped with flame protection, the RETRON BOX offers a usable volume of 35 liters to safely store lithium-ion batteries and smaller electronic devices. In addition, the RETRON BOX is equipped with two special thermal protection pads, which makes handling even easier. The RETRON BOX has UN coding and is approved for transporting defective lithium-ion batteries and equipment - even for private users.

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Store rechargeable batteries and batteries protected from the weather

Weather protection

In our fireproof RETRON BOX, your lithium-ion batteries are optimally protected from external influences such as direct sunlight or moisture.

Safe charging of rechargeable batteries and batteries

Safe charging

Thanks to the integrated cable gland, you can charge your lithium-ion batteries conveniently and safely in our RETRON BOX with the lid closed.

RETRON stores and disposes of defective rechargeable batteries

Safe disposal of defective batteries

Defective lithium batteries, such as those from e-bikes or cell phones, can be safely stored in the RETRON BOX until they can be disposed of at a collection point. If you wish, our experts can even take care of the disposal of your critical batteries.

How lithium-ion batteries enrich our everyday lives

Lithium-ion batteries are by no means to be demonized. They bring numerous advantages in daily use. What is important is the conscious and correct handling of lithium-ion batteries and electrical devices.

Our RETRON BOX as preventive battery protection for your home

Our practical RETRON BOX makes safe charging, storage and transport of your rechargeable batteries child's play.

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What you should pay attention to when handling lithium batteries

To keep lithium-ion batteries efficient and avoid potential damage or fires, keep the following points in mind when storing and charging them:

Store the battery separately from the device

Remove the lithium-ion battery from the electrical device and store it separately to avoid chemical reactions and damage to the device.

No unattended charging without battery protection box

You should not leave lithium-ion batteries unattended during charging. Unless you have a fireproof box in which the battery can be charged with the lid closed and through a cable guide. By the way, the best case is to charge the batteries at room temperature.

Select a cool and dry storage location

Store the batteries at temperatures between 6 and 15 degrees Celsius to avoid overheating. Make sure that the storage location is dry,
to prevent contact with water.

Avoid high temperatures

Do not store the batteries in high temperatures, or direct sunlight to avoid damage. Keep a minimum distance of 2.5 meters from other combustible materials if no automatic extinguishing systems are available. Accordingly, a garden shed, for example, is not an ideal place to safely store or charge your e-bike, or power tools.

Protection from mechanical damage

Make sure that the batteries are protected from shocks and damage to prevent short circuits. Since it is sometimes not so easy to assess the condition of the battery, the lithium battery should be charged and stored in a fireproof box.

Check the state of charge regularly

Check the state of charge regularly, especially during longer storage periods. An occasional short charge every 3 to 4 months can prevent deep discharge.

Store damaged rechargeable batteries safely

Store damaged or defective rechargeable batteries in special safety containers until they can be disposed of. Keep them in a segregated area.

Prevent deep discharge

Store batteries at 50 to 70 percent capacity to prevent deep discharge. It can occur if the battery is completely discharged and not recharged within 1-2 weeks. A typical scenario: discharging the battery almost or completely in the fall without recharging it afterwards. In the spring, the battery may then be unusable and pose a high potential hazard during the charging process.

Follow manufacturer's instructions

In addition to our tips, follow the manufacturer's storage instructions and information on the product data sheets. In the best case, always use the original charger.

“We appreciate the flexibility and ease of use of the RETRON BOX, whether it be whether in the children's room, hobby cellar, garage or garden shed - our rechargeable batteries are now all safely stored and can be safely charged in the box."

- Private customer, RETRON BOX

Safe handling of the e-bike battery: application example

Application example: You store your e-bike and the associated lithium battery in a garden shed that is exposed to direct sunlight. On the last e-bike tour, the battery may have been damaged without your knowledge, which makes the charging process of this battery even more dangerous. Or you have taken your e-bike with you on vacation, which can become a real endurance test for the battery: during the transport, the e-bike battery can easily be damaged and safe storage and charging is also even more difficult on the road.

The solution: In our RETRON BOX, you can safely store your e-bike battery - whether in the garden shed, garage, basement or in the mobile home. The integrated cable routing in the box enables safe charging of the lithium battery at any location and reliably protects you from possible short-circuit reactions. Should your e-bike battery be damaged or deformed, you can immediately lock it in our battery protection box and bring it safely to a disposal point. Or you can contact us and our specialists will take care of the disposal of critical batteries for you. RETRON - the extremely safe and simple solution for handling your batteries.

You have large quantities of lithium-ion batteries, that do not fit into the RETRON BOX?

Discover our large RETRON containers for the commercial sector - here you will find the suitable safety container, also for larger quantities of lithium batteries.

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Fachgerechte Entsorgung von Akkus aus Bohrmaschinen und mehr

How to dispose of old or defective batteries correctly

Do not put old or defective lithium-ion batteries in the waste garbage bin under any circumstances. If they ignite, it can be life-threatening for employees in waste vehicles and sorting plants. it can be life-threatening. Lithium-ion batteries must be taken to special collection points. special collection points. Any store that sells the batteries will take them back free of charge. free of charge. For the safe transport of the lithium-ion battery to the collection point we strongly recommend the use of the RETRON BOX.

Disposal of lithium-ion batteries

Our solutions for lithium batteries

Discover all the applications of our containers for lithium-ion batteries.

Store lithium-ion batteries safely and properly with RETRON containers.


Safe storage option for lithium-ion batteries and batteries.

Transport lithium-ion batteries safely in RETRON containers.


Simple and safe solution for transport of your lithium-ion batteries.

Dispose of lithium-ion batteries properly

Waste disposal

We provide for environmentally friendly disposal of your batteries according to the currently valid regulations.

Fire protection for lithium-ion batteries with RETRON containers

Fire protection

RETRON containers as fire protection solution for your lithium ion batteries and for the prevention of fire and explosions

Knowledge about lithium accumulators and batteries

Learn everything about lithium-ion batteries on our blog.

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