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Discover the world of REMONDIS with its approx. 900 branches and associated companies in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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RETRON 240 battery safety box on castors

Lithium-ion battery safety box: RETRON 240

The robust yet compact battery safety box for lithium batteries and electrical devices such as laptops, e-bikes or multifunctional tools.

RETRON 240: Battery container for smaller quantities of lithium batteries

Der RETRON 240 ist das zweitkleinste Mitglied der RETRON Behälterfamilie. Mit seinem Behälterkorpus aus feuerverzinktem Stahl und der 30mm Isolationsschicht dient er zur sicheren Lagerung von kleineren bis mittelgroßen Lithium-Ionen-Batterien. Der 240er ist stapel- und kranbar und kann umlaufend mit Hubwagen unterfahren werden. Zusätzlich ist er, wie alle RETRON Behälter UN-zugelassen und bestens für den gesetzeskonformen Transport von defekten, kritischen und End-of-Life Batterien geeignet.

Intended use
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Devices with lithium-ion batteries
Technical data
  • Tare weight: 110 kg
  • Max. gross weight: 309 kg
  • Dimensions: 715 W x 715 D x 845 H mm
  • Height with open lid: 1,450 mm
  • Interior dimensions: 500 W x 500 D x 615 H mm
  • Usable volume: 155 liters
  • Material: 2 mm S235JR galvanized and powder coated
Benefits of the RETRON 240
  • In case of damage, there is no flame formation and no leakage of projectiles.
  • The outer casing has perfect thermal insulation, the temperature on the outside of the container remains below 100 °C - for 3 days.
  • All box variants have tested pressure relief valves, through which the dangerous gases escape via defined openings.

You can find more information about the RETRON 240 here
Download data sheet (PDF)

This is what makes our lithium-ion battery containers so special

Smart features and highest safety class

Simple, safe handling

  • Weight relieving lid opening through the use of hinge relief springs
  • Fast packing, as no inert bulk materials are used 
  • Equipped with load securing system

Rollable, stackable and craneable

  • Efficient transport and space saving
  • Safety & stability during transport
  • Reduced risk of damage to the batteries

UN approval & ADR approval for the transport of dangerous goods

  • UN-approved steel crate for VG I (X-coding)
  • ADR compliant for safe transport
  • Legally compliant transport of critical and potentially hazardous batteries

Hot-dip galvanized Steel tank with heat, flame and projectile protection

  • Hot-dip galvanized steel tank
  • High temperature resistant
  • Heat, flame and projectile protection
  • Protection of batteries from external damage

We are happy to advise you personally, from the logistics of your lithium-ion batteries to professional disposal.

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Open lid, put battery in, close lid

Our RETRON containers are easy to handle and at the same time offer the highest safety class.

Storing and transporting different lithium-ion batteries really safely

With our RETRON 240 you can properly store and transport your electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries - highest safety class and fire protection in your warehouse.

E-bikes and e-scooters containing lithium-ion batteries


Lithium-ion batteries from e-bikes, e-scooters, hoverboards, etc.

mobile phones, tablets and laptops that contain lithium-ion batteries

Consumer electronics

Lithium-ion batteries from cell phones, laptops, tablets, e-cigarettes, electric blankets, etc.

Power tools that contain lithium-ion batteries

Electric tools

Cordless electric screwdrivers, multi-function tools, cordless impact wrenches, etc.

You need a small safety box for lithium batteries and electronic devices?

Then our RETRON BOX is ideal for you. The lightweight version of our containers enables safe charging, storing and transporting your lithium-ion batteries, or your electronic devices.

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Safe charging and storage of your Lithium- Ion batteries

The RETRON 240 is your safety container for operational fire protection. With capacities of up to 155 liters, several rechargeable and lithium batteries can be stored at the same time. Thanks to the integrated cable routing lithium batteries can also be charged safely. In the event of a chemical reaction the containment offers maximum fire protection and safety in the warehouse.

Legally compliant transport of lithium-ion batteries made simple

Our lithium-ion battery safety containers are UN certified and thus offer the maximum safety, even when transporting critical end-of-life batteries. Thanks to its stackable and craneable design and the ability to be underrun from all sides with a pallet truck, the RETRON 240 is also extremely flexible and practical in terms of transport.

Are you looking for the right safety box for your lithium-ion batteries?

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Disposal of lithium-ion batteries

Trust the specialists for the disposal of your lithium-ion batteries

As lithium batteries are dangerous goods, they are subject to the dangerous goods regulations of the ADR. RETRON takes care of the proper disposal of your lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to our network within the REMONDIS Group, the batteries can be transported and disposed of without any risk to people and the environment. REMONDIS is one of the world's largest service providers for recycling, service and water.

Disposal of lithium-ion batteries

RETRON. The highest safety class for handling lithium batteries

Step 1:
Consultation & offer

We offer you comprehensive advice in the disposal of your Liob's. The provision of RETRON safety containers, as well as logistics services and the training of your employees is part of our portfolio.

Step 2:
Flexible rental system

Our container rental system is measured to your requirements – you control just-in-time provision and professional disposal.

Step 3:
Safe installation

Our specialists deliver and properly set up the containments at the agreed locations to ensure maximum safety.

Step 4:
Fill & Collect

Once the container is full, or you wish to have it picked up, simply contact us. Our team will take care of the professional collection.

Versatile industries in the electrical world of the future

Lithium-ion batteries are omnipresent in nearly every industry. From trade to large-scale industry, from private households to municipalities - we offer the right container solution for your batteries in every sector.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in trade and industry


Safe storage, transport and disposal of batteries in trade.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in industry


Safe storage, transport and disposal of lithium-ion batteries in industry.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in municipalities


Safety during storage, transport and environmentally friendly disposal of lithium batteries in municipalities.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in municipalities

Private household

Fire protection for your home: Safe charging, storage and disposal of lithium-ion batteries and devices with lithium batteries.

Who is behind RETRON?

RETRON is a company of the REMONDIS Group. REMONDIS is one of the world's largest service providers for recycling, service and water. The company group has branches and associated companies in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. More than 40,000 employees work here for approx. 30 million citizens as well as many thousands of companies. At the highest level. On behalf of the future.

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Battery safety boxes for every requirement: All RETRON containers

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