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RETRON Box as a handy battery protection box

The handy battery protection box: RETRON BOX

Safely charge, store and - thanks to UN approval - transport lithium-ion batteries even in critical condition.

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Battery protection box: safely store, transport and charge lithium-ion batteries

The UN-approved RETRON BOX is the perfect solution for safely storing, transporting and charging your electrical equipment and lithium-ion batteries. The integrated connector set in the Akku Safe Box allows charging of lithium-ion batteries inside the box, as the charging process is particularly susceptible to potential fire ignitions. In addition, the RETRON Box is UN-approved and therefore approved for the transport of batteries and accumulators.

Intended use
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Devices with lithium-ion batteries
Technical data
  • Width: 520 mm (inside: 474 mm)
  • Depth: 420 mm (inside: 384 mm)
  • Height: 200 mm (inside: 190 mm)
  • Weight: 9 kg
Advantages of RETRON BOX
  • In case of damage, there is no flame formation and no leakage of projectiles.
  • The RETRON BOX is equipped with flame protection.

You can find more information about the RETRON BOX here
Download data sheet (PDF)


Fireproof, flexible handling, convenient and simple

In the event of a potential explosion, the box protects against flying parts of the housing.

Integrated cable guide allows safe charging of your lithium battery in the closed box.

Storage of smaller electrical appliances/lithium-ion batteries at the same time.

Quick and easy packing with RETRON heat protection pad, robust sheet steel container with flame protection.

Which devices contain lithium-ion batteries?

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • E-bikes
  • E-scooters and e-scooters
  • Cordless vacuum cleaners
  • E-cigarettes
  • Power Tools
  • Digital cameras
  • Electric toothbrushes
  • Electric toys for children
  • and many more

Do you know how dangerous your lithium battery can become?

The RETRON-BOX offers preventive fire protection: smartphones, e-bikes, laptops or other electrical devices that contain lithium-ion batteries make everyday life easier, but also bring with them an enormous potential for danger.

“The RETRON BOX is comparable to an airbag or fire extinguisher. It is a preventive fire protection and makes the safe handling of lithium-ion batteries simple."

- Robert Sonnenschein, general manager

The ideal battery protection box for private or business use

Battery protection box can be used for e-bikes, mobile phone batteries and more

The RETRON BOX in the private sector

E-bike, cell phone battery, lawn mower & Co.: safe charging and storage of your lithium batteries

Battery protection box complements other RETRON containers

The RETRON BOX in the business sector

Flexible storage at any location, legally compliant transport, perfect complement to RETRON containers

Professional fire protection against battery fires with RETRON BOX

Whether in the home, in the hobby cellar, the garage or in the garden: electrical devices make our everyday lives easier and they are all powered by lithium-ion batteries. However, these useful energy storage devices also hold an enormous potential for danger. Our RETRON BOX offers maximum protection when charging, storing and transporting these lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries in e-bikes and e-scooters


Lithium-ion batteries for e-bikes, e-scooters, hoverboards etc.

lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones and laptops

Consumer electronics

Lithium-ion batteries from cell phones, laptops, tablets, e-cigarettes, electric blankets, etc.

Lithium-ion batteries in e-screwdrivers

Power tools

Cordless electric screwdrivers, multi-function tools, cordless impact wrenches, etc.

More on the safe handling of lithium batteries in the private sector

Why can lithium-ion batteries be dangerous?

The risk of fire increases if your lithium-ion battery falls to the ground, for example, and is damaged. Thermal stress, e. g., if the battery is stored or charged at temperatures that are too low or too high can also cause a fire. Furthermore, during charging, electrical overloads can occur if the wrong charger is used. An additional risk is the so-called
deep discharge, i. e. the complete discharge of the battery.

More about Fire protection for lithium-ion batteries

RETRON BOX: Safe handling of lithium-ion batteries made easy

Protect yourself and others - The RETRON BOX enables safe and easy handling of lithium-ion batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Safe charging of lithium-ion batteries with the RETRON BOX

Safe charging

The box offers the perfect protection with the practical cable guide for safely charging lithium-ion batteries. This is a great advantage, as charging is particularly susceptible to potential fire ignitions or explosions.

Store lithium-ion batteries correctly with the RETRON BOX

Correct storage

Our RETRON BOX is the optimum solution for the safe storage your lithium-ion batteries. The box offers extreme thermal protection, is dust-free and easy to handle.

Transport lithium-ion batteries in compliance with the law with the RETRON BOX.

Legally compliant transport

The lithium battery, e. g. of your e-bike or your cordless screwdriver, is already deformed or hot? The RETRON BOX has a UN coding and is approved for the transportation of defective lithium-ion batteries and devices.

The RETRON BOX for trade, municipalities and industry

In the commercial sector, the RETRON BOX is the flexible addition to our RETRON containers to ensure maximum safety when handling lithium-ion batteries. In contrast to the large RETRON containers, the handy box can be used flexibly, e. g. on several business floors, in classrooms, or in field service vehicles - for maximum protection at any time and any place.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in trade and industry


Safe storage, transport and disposal of rechargeable batteries in trade.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in industry


Safe storage, transport and disposal of lithium-ion batteries in industry.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in municipalities


Safe storage, transport and environmentally friendly disposal of lithium batteries in municipalities.

This is how our RETRON container system could be used in your organization

The RETRON BOX is the perfect complement to our large containers. It combines maximum safety with maximum flexibility. For example, the Akku Safe Box can be used as temporary storage for defective devices with lithium batteries on several floors or at branch offices and then be collected in a large RETRON container such as the RETRON 240 at a central location.

Best of all: We also take care of the environmentally friendly disposal of your lithium batteries.

Battery safety boxes: The RETRON container family

Comprehensive solution for the disposal of your lithium-ion batteries

We offer you everything from logistics to disposal from a single source - nationwide and all over the country. We collect the lithium-ion batteries from your premises and transport them to modern hazardous waste treatment plants in compliance with ADR.

More about Disposal of lithium-ion batteries

Buy flexible fire protection for batteries online now

Order the RETRON BOX conveniently online now and ensure safe charging, storage and transport of lithium-ion batteries in your company.

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Lithium-Ionen Batterien: Das RETRON Behältersystem voller Vorteile

From logistics to storage and disposal of your lithium batteries

Germany-wide service

Customized service (packing, collection, transport, disposal)

Safe storage and transport

UN-approved and high temperature resistant

Dust-free, as no inert bulk materials are necessary

Rollable and stackable containers with heat, flame and projectile protection

Can be used as interchangeable or stationary storage system

Perfect employee and environmental protection

Easy to handle

You are looking for the right safety container or need a safety concept for your lithium-ion batteries?

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