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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Two employees in an electrical shop that has to ensure the requirements for the correct storage and disposal of lithium-ion batteries

Handling & return of lithium-ion batteries in the commercial sector

Storing potentially hazardous lithium-ion batteries safely, transporting them in compliance with all legal regulations, and disposing of them properly is a complex process. Most commercial companies can hardly manage these requirements on their own.

Lithium-ion battery containers and their use in commerce

The problem of how to properly store and dispose of lithium batteries has suddenly confronted many in the commercial sector who have not had to deal with such safety challenges so far. The bicycle dealer, for example, who is required to dispose of not only used e-bike batteries but also lithium batteries from all other devices - even if he does not offer them. The situation is similar with DIY stores and electrical stores.

From single solution to full service

Whether safe storage, legally compliant transport or professional disposal of your lithium-ion batteries - the solution is RETRON. We support you in all aspects of lithium-ion batteries. From safe storage to legally compliant transport to professional disposal of batteries of all conditions - RETRON is your reliable partner.

Individual concepts

We work out individual safety concepts around the logistics of your lithium-ion batteries and offer training courses on safe handling in your company.

Container supply & rental

Our container system offers our customers maximum flexibility and the highest safety class - a system with many advantages from which you will also benefit.

Transport & disposal

We take care of the safe transport and disposal of lithium-ion batteries of all conditions.

Provide a safe environment for your employees and customers with our battery protection boxes.

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Challenges of lithium-ion batteries in the trade sector

Your employees and/or customers handle lithium-ion batteries or electrical equipment containing lithium-ion batteries? Or do you even have a charging infrastructure for e-bikes, e.g. as a hotel or delivery service? With our battery protection boxes you ensure safe handling of batteries in your company.

Ignorance in handling

Many dealers are not sufficiently trained in handling lithium-ion batteries. If lithium batteries are damaged during transport, for example, or if they are not properly stored, they pose an increased risk. With our storage and transport system, handling lithium-ion batteries is child's play.

A clutter of defective batteries

More and more dealers are facing the challenge of storing or transporting defective equipment with potentially critical lithium-ion batteries. In particular, where defective lithium-ion batteries have to be replaced or dealers are confronted with the obligation to take back old electrical equipment, the risk of danger is high. In our RETRON containers you can store several lithium-ion batteries at the same time.

Frequent charging of lithium batteries = higher risk

In commercial use, devices with lithium-ion batteries are normally used intensively, which leads to frequent charging cycles of the batteries. For example, when renting e-scooters or e-bikes, or for delivery services that use e-vehicles. Every charging process involves a certain risk, especially if it is not properly monitored. In our RETRON containers, you can charge lithium-ion batteries safely and with confidence.

Safely store and transport discarded devices with lithium accumulators and batteries in the trade sector

The obligation to take back electrical and electronic equipment under the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) poses new challenges for the trade. Whether you need a safety container for smaller quantities of electrical appliances or are planning a larger collection station for more extensive returns, we advise you on optimal logistics and disposal of defective, old or end-of-life batteries.

Rücknahmepflicht stationärer Handel

Take-back obligation for stationary trade

Up to now, only stores with a sales area of more than 400 square meters for electrical appliances were required to take back old appliances free of charge. From July 1, 2022, there will be a new regulation: even food retailers and discounters that sell electrical appliances on a permanent or regular basis and have a total sales area of more than 800 square meters will also be obliged to take back old electrical appliances.

Take-back obligation online trade

Rücknahmepflicht online Handel

Online retailers are now also obligated to take back returns if their warehouse and shipping facilities are larger than 400 square meters and 800 square meters, respectively. Due to this new regulation, more online retailers are now obliged to take back old electrical equipment.

"Thanks to RETRON, we finally have an optimized logistics concept for the safe handling and transport of electrical appliances with lithium batteries in our stores. Especially the new electrical law has presented us with new challenges here."

- Logistics manager, consumer electronics store

Safe storage of lithium batteries in the trade: application example

In this typical practical example, a company that is obligated to take back defective electrical appliances has several branches. The individual branches do not produce such large quantities of defective lithium-ion batteries so that a larger RETRON container is needed. In addition, the flexible and safe storage of lithium-ion batteries should be possible on several floors.

The solution: Each branch receives flexible fire protection, our RETRON BOX. This can be conveniently used at any time and at any location
and defective lithium-ion batteries can be immediately sealed in it. At the company headquarters, a RETRON container is set up as a central collection point, where the lithium batteries and accumulators from the RETRON BOXES can be safely stored. The transport of the lithium-ion batteries from the branch offices to the central office is legally compliant and safe due to UN and ADR approval of the RETRON BOX. At the headquarters RETRON finally takes care of the collection and proper disposal of your central collection container with lithium-ion batteries. Sounds simple? It is with RETRON.

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Storage of lithium-ion batteries

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Order our handy RETRON BOX directly online - for safe charging, storage & transporting rechargeable batteries and lithium-ion batteries in your company.

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Dispose of lithium batteries commercially: Legally compliant and environmentally friendly

As a commercial company, you are also obligated to dispose of lithium-ion batteries properly. Lithium-ion batteries or devices containing these batteries must be taken to separate recycling or special waste collection points and the transport must be ADR-compliant.

At RETRON, we can take care of the environmentally friendly disposal of your lithium-ion batteries and also of the disposal of other hazardous waste in small quantities. Apart from commissioning the collection, you do not have to worry about anything and you are still 100 percent legally on the safe side.

Disposal of lithium-ion batteries

Whether electronics retailer, drugstore or supermarket chain - RETRON has the right security box for your requirements.

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Battery safety boxes: the UN-certified RETRON container family

Our safety containers for lithium-ion batteries combine practical handling and maximum safety, making them the ideal solution for companies of all sizes.



Small, fireproof battery safety box RETRON-Box


Battery safety box RETRON 240


Battery safety box RETRON 460


Battery safety box RETRON 600


Container for lithium-ion batteries and hybrid batteries RETRON 750


Lithium battery container for e-car batteries RETRON 3000


Lithium battery container for e-car batteries RETRON 4000

Thinking in larger scenarios? Here's how to safely handle lithium-ion batteries in industry.

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Other industries that use our lithium-ion battery containers

Discover all the applications of our containers for lithium-ion batteries.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in industry


Safe storage, transport and disposal of lithium-ion batteries in industry.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in municipalities


Safety in the storage, transport and environmentally friendly disposal of lithium batteries in municipalities.

Safe and professional handling of lithium-ion batteries in the private sector

Private sector

Safe storage, safe charging and disposal of lithium batteries in your home.

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