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Our heroes. RETRON containers and bags get the job done.

  • RETRON bags have been developed for storage and the following transport of faulty or critical lithium-ion batteries. These bags are perfect to securely store faulty batteries in workshops, warehouses and trade at short notice. They not only offer fire and flame protection but are also insulating in case of a fire.

    Once the danger is in the bag, it will go straight into our RETRON container. UN-approved for transport of End-of-Life, faulty or critical lithium- ion batteries as well as new goods the high temperature resistant containers offer ideal protection in case of a thermal runaway. With a temperature of 1.000°C on the inside, the temperature on the outside is below 100°C due to its impressive isolation – for three days.

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  • RETRON. A system full of advantages.

    • Safe storage and transport of lithium-ion batteries
    • UN-approved
    • Dust free
    • Gas management system
    • High temperature resistant
    • Heat, flame and projectile protection
    • Stackable
    • Applicable as both changing and stationary system
    • Staff safety
    • Environmental friendly

RETRON // A brand of REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG
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